Sweet Fade

05th January 2018


06th January 2018

Barbers listen. To stories banal and extraordinary, to secrets, to lies, to memories, to dreams. Sweet Fade gives a female barber a voice - to tell stories banal and extraordinary, to whisper secrets and lies, to remember, to dream.

Abby is a barber. She lives and breathes beard trims and slickbacks and flat tops. Her barber chair is like a therapist’s couch, a priest’s confessional - complete strangers tell her secrets they’d never share with their wives, or mates, or boyfriends, or bosses. These brief, transitory interactions, are woven into a new narrative of a day in the life of a female barber.

Sexual power, London, misogyny, freedom, cash-in-hand, hand-to-mouth, fragile masculinity and ‘next, please..’ all feature as she comes to new realisations of her worth and potential. Sweet Fade is written and performed by Charlotte Powell, and directed by Orlando James.

Friday 05 & Saturday 06 January 2018 at 8.30pm

Tickets £10

Duration: 60 minutes

Twitter: @atacabaretclub

This event will be held in the Above the Arts. Please note there is no level or wheelchair access to this space.