A Theory of Justice: The Musical!

19th February 2018


19th February 2018

A Philosophy professor travels through time in pursuit of love and a grand liberal theory of justice, meeting a colourful cast of singing philosophers across history.

Young Harvard professor John Rawls needs a grand theory to set his philosophy students on the right path to politics. When physicists accidentally open a Time Vortex, this presents the perfect opportunity for Rawls to gain inspiration from the great philosophers of the past: Plato and his ventriloquist doll Socrates, the rap-battling gangs of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, revolutionary rocker Jean-Jacques Roussseau, a barbershop quartet of Utilitarians, and many more. As he pursues the bright and tenacious student Fairness through history, he must escape the evil designs of his libertarian arch-nemesis, Robert Nozick, and the objectivist seductress Ayn Rand. Will Rawls achieve his goal of defining Justice as Fairness?

Following a successful Edinburgh Fringe run, A Theory of Justice gets a semi-staged workshop from award-winning director Josh Seymour (Adding Machine).

Nominated for MTN WhatsOnStage Best Musical Award

“A humorous and enlightening musical… ambitious and brave” Broadway Baby
‘Even if you don’t know your Russell from your Rousseau, A Theory of Justice is easy to understand…Brilliantly executed’ Oxford Tab
“Bizarre, brave, deranged, intelligent, creative and ever-so-slightly magnificent” FringeGuru
“It may have a great life in the USA university circuit” Musical Theatre Review
“Brilliant: hilarious, witty and profound” Virtual Philosopher

Monday 19 February at 3pm & 7.30pm

Tickets: £7.50 (£5 concessions)

Duration: 2 hours plus interval

Twitter: @DEMProduction5